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What should I keep in mind for my first air travel flight?

In this Internet era, everything is easy and possible. From health to insurance to shopping and banking to travel… anything and everything is available in your finger tips.
However, consider, booking a flight ticket online! It’s little bit overwhelming. Because, there are so many factors which affects flight booking. Price, dates, times, fare class, airline and sectors are most important factors which affects air ticket booking.

Ok, let’s come to the point. Where should you look for a cheap flight ticket? Or how to find the available lowest air ticket?
Unfortunately, there is no website which can offer lowest prices consistently.As per my experiences, most of the Online Travel Agencies has the same prices! Maximum differences may be one or two Dollars. However, not all OTAs offer the same benefits or search functionality.
I have gone through (booked sometimes) with several OTAs to compare the prices and search functionality and simplicity.
My first choice is to book via a comparison web…

Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Visit in 2019 - 2020

Every travel lover starts planning their trips for the vacation in this and next year. We know, the cheaper the destination, the longer you can afford to stay – or the better your travel lifestyle can be while visiting. In some countries, $50 / night barely affords you a hostel dorm bed, while in others that can pay for a luxury villa! This year we experienced the full scale of the travel-value index. We left Canggu, Bali in Indonesia, where we had a 2 bedroom private pool villa for $50 / night, and visited Japan where that same $50 barely afforded us a double bed on the floor of a small room. 2018 is sure to be an amazing year for travellers and if you’re already planning your travels for the new year, then this post is for you. Some of these countries are cheaper now than ever, largely due to drops in their local currency on the global market, or due to a recent lack of tourism. We would never write a post to revel in low prices at the cost of economic struggle, but by visiting the…